Next Litter "K" Waited for soon

(Somora's greet the future x Icy N'Spicy de la Vallée de la Chesnaie)


These are Dalmatian puppies, registered with the LOF, from award-winning parents on display both in France and abroad.
Parents have a golden character.

From birth, these babies live at home.

Each day, after an outing on a leash, the babies are released in the forest where I accompany them for a long time of play and discovery.
All the dogs of our family take advantage of daily outings in the forest allowing them to fully enjoy nature and the charms of the countryside.

After 2 months with their mother, the puppies, educated, up to date with their vaccines and dewormed as they should be, are ready to meet their new families.

I am available to answer various questions regarding the scope. I live with them every hour of the day so I know them perfectly.

Renseignements par téléphone: (Philippe Delavier)

Renseignements par E-Mail:


Little reminder: Do not forget that in the Dalmatian there are two colors of dress:

- white dress spotted with black

- white dress spotted with brown (also called liver)
see photo of the 2 colors below

Previous litters

Fourth litter "H" (May 20th 2013)
(Cold Mountain avec Boxing Balboa)

Third litter "G" (May 12th 2013)
(Costa Brava with Stocklore Wizard)

Second litter "F" (2010)
(Gwynmor Undercover Agent x Valentine de la Tour de la Bastide)

First litter "C" (2007)
(Cool Spots Ascot x Valentine de la Tour de la Bastide)