About us

Dalmatians de la Vallée de la Chesnaie - family breeders situated in France, Picardie

My husband and I have always been dreaming about having a dalmatian. In 2002, we bought our
first dalmatian. His name is T'GUEN and he has only few spots and unilateral hearing.
We keep him as a family dog and we enjoy taking him to agility competitions where he does very well.

In 2004 we bought a female for expositions from a breeder in France, Muriel Isselé with her famous
kennel "de la Tour de la Bastide". She is very beautiful, sweet and loving, has an excellent character
and her name is VIVID VALENTINE DE LA TOUR DE LA BASTIDE. Her parents, her brother,
her sister and cousins are champions - which we are very proud of, and we will continue
to show Valentine after her litter. In 2006 we bought a handsome liver male, also with an excellent character.

He is Valentine's little nephew. His name is EVERWOOD BOXING BALBOA, and like the other
he has started to show his capability in agility and expositions.Our dalmatians live with our family,
go out into the forest with us every day and they accompany us on bike tours.

Philippe, Pascale and Claire with Tguen and Valentine

Our daughter Claire with Boxing

Our son Clément with Valentine

My husband Philippe with Boxing

Myself, Pascale, with Boxing

Claire with Boxing and Valentine

Claire, Philippe and Pascale

Our whole family on the right side